January 26, 2018

Rochen Mediation Selected as Lawyer Monthly’s 2017 Firm of the Year (USA)

We are pleased to announce that Rochen Mediation has been selected by Lawyer Monthly as the 2017 United States Civil Firm of the Year as a result of its work in the fields of mediation and civil litigation!

Each year, Lawyer Monthly formally recognizes the achievements and accolades of various legal professionals and law firms that have dedicated their time and resources to innovation, and have delivered exceptional results for their clients during the course of the preceding calendar year. Following a rigorous nomination and selection process, Lawyer Monthly produces the “Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards” publication, in which they divide awards into individual and firm categories, representative of the diverse skill-sets and expertise demonstrated by barristers and law firms across the globe. The award for each category is bestowed upon only 1 firm and 1 individual in each country.

With regard to the nomination and selection process, the Lawyer Monthly research team spends several months collecting and collating nominations through an integrated online voting system. After engaging in extensive industry research, each nominee is evaluated using a strict set of measurable criteria, accounting for: (1) the number of votes cast in favor of the nominee by industry peers; (2) the nominee’s legal expertise, experience, and innovation in a particular field; (3) the amount of documented legal activity in which the nominee engaged in the 12-month period preceding the nomination in comparison to industry peers; (4) the nominee’s involvement in significant, notable legal work; (5) the value of the legal work performed by the nominee, both in terms of monetary value and contribution to the legal profession; (6) the nominee’s reputation & recognition among peers; (7) the nominee’s client reputation; and, (8) the nominee’s previous legal accolades and achievements. The entire process is designed to ensure that this distinct honor is bestowed only upon the most deserving individuals and law firms worldwide.  Rochen Mediation is honored to have been chosen as the recipient of the 2017 award for United States Civil Firm of the Year.


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